Jaime Fernandez de la Puente Campano

Jaime Fernández

Jaime Fernández de la Puente worked within the Marketing services industry for the past 15 years in the large networked agencies. A Media Strategist specialized in Digital Marketing. He has worked for Top Media Agencies in Madrid, Barcelona and NewYork, in charge of big market players as BMW, Audi, Coca Cola, P&G, Puleva or Estrella Damm among others.

As Head of Digital, he handled a threefold increase of Arena´s digital business results, helping big clients on their digital transformation journey. He usually talks about digital marketing at his blog helping non digital people understand and go through it with no fear.

Through his career at the Agency, Jaime has started 3 personal companies, disenioweb.com (Digital Services & Web Design), Eventomanager (Complete Failure) and Guudjob App, awarded as the best Spanish App 2014.

Father of two, happy married, fast, committed and curious, he rather do than talk. TrustParency Fan, therefore Guudjob has to be developed

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